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Maximising the benefit of FeNO testing for airway inflammation in the daily clinic

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“If I have a patient with like 35 parts per billion in FeNO, I will expect a Type 2 disease. I will expect even though it might have a negative asthma test because only 88% of the asthma test will be positive if you have a FeNO about [35]”

We caught up with Professor Vibeke Backer; who is a Professor in both pulmonology and global airways. In her webinar, Professor Backer talks us through various clinical studies involving FeNO and the significance of these in maximising the benefit of FeNO testing for airway inflammation in daily clinic. She gave us an exclusive Q&A about how she uses FeNO in her daily clinic, read on to find out more...

Professor Vibeke Backer joined us for an exclusive NIOX® webinar, taking us through studies about FeNO, and how to maximise the benefit of FeNO in daily clinic. In the webinar she discusses the relationship between FeNO and sputum eosinophils in asthma diagnostics, clinical examples of FeNO for diagnosing and managing asthma, and much more. You can watch the webinar to see her talk about these studies here.

How do you manage your asthma patients and what is your process?

Professor Backer explains her approach in both her hospital global airways clinic and outside hospital asthma clinic. “I go for treatable traits, which means that the first thing I will measure in both the patient at the hospital and outside hospital is FeNO. I do that because I think it's an important measurement but also because it should be the first one to be measured before lung function.”1

Professor Backer explains that following the FeNO test, she will then measure lung function, a mannitol provocation test, and performs an allergy test.1

“So, when I have the patient in the asthma clinic, I'll have the value of FeNO, I'll have the level of lung function, the hyperresponsiveness and the possible allergy.” 1

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