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FeNO mission sees thousands of new asthmatics diagnosed

58,000 new asthmatics diagnosed, 1,244 additional FeNO testing devices in primary care, 53% of primary care networks now with access to FeNO testing in England. All thanks to the efforts of the Wessex AHSN FeNO Programme. We’re taking a look.

How does vaping affect FeNO levels?

Electronic or ‘e-cigarettes’ have gained significant popularity in recent years as an alternative to traditional tobacco smoking. However, concerns have been raised regarding the...

The value of FeNO testing in sport

Studies show that FeNO testing is one of the tools that can help. This article looks at the highlights.

The power of portability: How FeNO came out of the lab

Did you know the world’s first FeNO testing machine was developed by the team behind NIOX®? It was 1.5m tall and 70cm wide! Our cutting-edge technology has come a long way since then. Here’s a little about the story of the FeNO evolution.

An overview of national and international guidelines for FeNO testing

Most national and international societies today recommend FeNO and emphasise the value of FeNO testing for more accurate diagnosis and better asthma management. This article provides a helpful overview of the main recommendations for FeNO testing.

Why FeNO works better with audio

How can you be sure a patient is correctly carrying out a FeNO test? We’re looking at audio guides and how they can help ensure success.

Why is FeNO higher in asthma patients?

A FeNO level greater than 40 ppb means asthma is seven times more likely. But why is FeNO higher in asthma patients? This article looks at the science.

Real-world evidence supporting the use of FeNO in the diagnosis and management of asthma – an interview with Professor David Price

Professor David Price describes the mounting evidence or FeNO testing to improve asthma treatment in both primary and secondary care.

How FeNO fits into the asthma routine for primary and secondary care

What if someone told you it was possible to start reducing asthma exacerbations by up to 50% with a simple desktop device, right there at the patient’s appointment? With FeNO testing, you can. To get an idea...

How FeNO helps stop the overuse of SABA in asthma

Believe it or not, some asthma patients are collecting more than 50 SABA canisters a year. The recommendation is two! We’re looking at the facts about...

Asthma control: The 10-point checklist

This article summarises 10 top tips from the experts at the Royal College of Physicians in London and the American Lung Association.

A sensitive issue: Why FeNO is measured in parts per billion

FeNO levels are measured in parts per billion – think 1 second in 32 years! Why is this so crucial for accuracy? Read our article now.

Interpreting changes in FeNO results for better outcomes

FeNO is a great asthma management tool and, to optimise treatment, it’s helpful to understand the clinical context for each patient so they can reach the right FeNO level for them. The American Thoracic Society (ATS) defined...

What is a “normal” FeNO value?

Measuring FeNO is straightforward and gives results at the point-of-care. The American Thoracic Society sets out clear cut points defining low, normal and high FeNO. But where do you begin?

10 top tips on managing asthma through the September peak

Lots of us are looking forward (or not!) to the long summer holiday when the schools are shut and the general pace of life slows down. The next couple of months is also a good time to...

Controlling asthma in pregnancy

Symptoms worsen for around a third of pregnant women with asthma, yet many are reluctant to take medication, which they believe could affect the...

Managing asthma with FeNO testing to improve patient outcomes

Asthma is characterised by chronic airway inflammation. It is one of the main causes of the exacerbations – or asthma attacks – that can have such a debilitating impact on...

Why FeNO and alcohol don’t mix

The ability to test and obtain results at the point-of-care means FeNO (fractional exhaled nitric oxide) is the most convenient biomarker of airway...

Easing the burden of pollution in paediatric asthma

Air pollution has long been linked to asthma in children and known to contribute to worsening symptoms. According to the WHO, 4.2m deaths occur every year from...

The FeNO countdown

Exhaling for 10 seconds for all adult patients is one of the most important steps in FeNO testing. This article looks in detail at why this timing is so...

Understanding Type 2 inflammatory pathways

Interest in precision medicine is growing. For asthma, the challenge lies in differentiating between the various types of the disease to allow physicians...

How FeNO-driven asthma management can save healthcare resources

Since its discovery in the 1990s, FeNO (fractional exhaled nitric oxide) has proved to be a helpful biomarker to guide asthma diagnosis...

Can FeNO testing replace induced sputum and blood eosinophils to support asthma diagnosis?

To date, there is no single test available to diagnose asthma. Alongside traditional methods such as spirometry and peak expiratory flow...

How can FeNO help optimise asthma treatment and improve ICS adherence?

Inhaled corticosteroids (ICS) are the cornerstone of asthma controller therapy. However, patients don’t always adhere to...

Measuring FeNO – The technology behind NIOX VERO®

A look at what is important when measuring FeNO levels and how the technology behind NIOX VERO® addresses these needs...

Interpreting FeNO test results to enhance asthma management

FeNO values are used to indicate the likelihood that a patient has airway inflammation, a key characteristic of asthma. Knowing a patient's FeNO level can help diagnose asthma more accurately...

Using FeNO to control seasonal asthma

The colder months of the year see many asthmatics experience a worsening in their symptoms as autumn and winter bring a rush of triggers. From cold air outside to central heating within...

New study shows FeNO testing with NIOX VERO® is not an aerosol-generating procedure (AGP)

A new paper has been published demonstrating that FeNO testing is not an aerosol-generating procedure (AGP). Read our overview to find out how FeNO testing with NIOX VERO® can be safely continued.

FeNO for the diagnosis of asthma in adults: Friend or foe?

Our highlights from this friendly and informative debate from the European Respiratory Society's International Congress 2021. Dr Iñigo Ojanguren Arranz, from University Hospital in Barcelona, says FeNO...

How regular FeNO testing can help improve patients' quality of life

Asthma exacerbations cause distress and can easily lead to a medical emergency. Here, we look at how regular FeNO testing can be used to help reduce the number of exacerbations and improve quality of life for asthma patients...

Nasal nitric oxide as a screening test for Primary Ciliary Dyskinesia

Due to the complexity of primary ciliary dyskinesia (PCD), diagnosis is often delayed or even missed completely. This article explains how a simple nasal nitric oxide (nNO) test can assist in identifying the disease at an early stage.

How certain foods affect FeNO testing results

In this article, we will discuss how certain types of food affect FeNO and what information clinicians can give patients to ensure reliable results.

The importance of accuracy and reproducibility in FeNO testing for asthma.

Considering that several factors may cause variation in FeNO levels, how reliable are such tests? Let’s look at recent reproducibility studies and what they tell us regarding the accuracy of FeNO testing.

Using FeNO testing to reduce asthma exacerbations

Good control of asthma exacerbations benefits both patients and healthcare providers. Recent studies show that introducing FeNO (fractional exhaled nitric oxide) testing to overall asthma...

The history of FeNO: The scientific milestones behind asthma management today

In this article, we look back at the scientific milestones that paved the way for today’s FeNO devices like NIOX®.

How can FeNO improve asthma management and relieve the pressure on the healthcare system?

In this article we want to look at how regular use of FeNO measurement devices like NIOX VERO® can improve asthma management and could reduce the strain on the healthcare system.