We have won the 2020 MedTech award for the Most Advanced Asthma Diagnosis Solution with NIOX VERO®!

This is a great achievement and we at Circassia are proud to help physicians across the globe to improve asthma patients outcomes with NIOX VERO®, the gold standard FeNO testing device.

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NIOX VERO® accurately assesses airway inflammation at the point of care.2

Using FeNO technology, NIOX VERO has a reputation worldwide as the gold standard in FeNO testing.3,4 You can enquire about NIOX VERO and get in touch with our dedicated NIOX partners via our website.

In 2019, Circassia received the Small Diagnostic Manufacturer of the Year Award by the ARTP (Association for Respiratory Technology and Physiology) for the innovation of NIOX VERO®.

See Inflammation Clearly - Butterflies - NIOX VERO®

FeNO Testing

Accurately assess and monitor airway inflammation.2,5

Whilst airway inflammation is known to be the major underlying characteristic of asthma, there are few methods which directly measure this. Evaluating airway inflammation using sputum eosinophils or airway biopsy can be expensive, invasive, time-consuming, and is often not readily available. FeNO testing provides a fast and accurate method to support diagnosis and management of asthma at the point of care.

See Inflammation Clearly - Butterflies - NIOX VERO® The majority of patients with asthma have Type 2/eosinophilic driven airway inflammation.6 The associated higher levels of nitric oxide (NO) in their exhaled breath can be simply measured to support optimal management of the condition7


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