Important Safety Information | NIOX VERO® User Manual (PDF)

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How do I store and transport my NIOX VERO®?

FeNO testing is such a helpful tool that you’ll want to look after your NIOX VERO®, the gold standard FeNO analyser. Fortunately, the device is compact so it’s easy to store between uses and transport to where you need it. Read on for a quick guide.

  • Your device should be located away from direct sunlight or heat sources and not placed in an area with excessive ventilation, such as by an open window or air conditioning unit
  • The room temperature should be between +10 and +35⁰C (+50-95⁰F)
  • Relative humidity in the operating environment should be 20-80%, non-condensing
  • For the device to operate successfully, nitric oxide (NO) in the ambient air should be no more than 300 ppb

Your NIOX VERO® has an array of display symbols that will let you know if something’s not quite right. Click here for a visual guide.

How do I store and transport my device?
Please do not transport the device in a trunk (boot); always carry it in the main cabin of the vehicle.

The NIOX VERO® weighs only 1kg (2.2lb) so it’s easy to take it with you. When it’s not in use or particularly when you need to transport it to another location, your device should always be placed in a closed bag. It’s easiest to use one of the specially designed cases. There are two to choose from – a soft case and a hard case. Both offer a safe place to store the NIOX VERO® and an easy way to move it where it’s needed most.

An image of the soft carrying case for the NIOX VERO®

What is the NIOX VERO® soft case designed for?
As well as storing the device, the soft case provides a convenient way to transport your NIOX VERO®.

An image of the hard carrying case for the NIOX VERO®

What is the NIOX VERO® hard case designed for?
The hard case does it all. Not only does it provide an easy way to safely store and transport your NIOX VERO®, it also protects against the effects of changes in temperature, humidity and atmospheric pressure. Simply place the device and its attachments into the specially designed compartments with a humidity bag and everything is protected.

To enquire about a bag for your NIOX VERO®, request a quote via our online quote tool.

An image of the NIOX VERO® humidity bags

What are NIOX VERO® humidity bags?
A humidity bag should be placed into the NIOX VERO® hard case to help maintain optimum storage conditions. You simply take the humidity bag out of its plastic wrapping and place it inside the case. You’ll know it’s time to insert a new humidity bag when the current one changes from liquid to solid. New humidity bags can be ordered easily, simply get in touch with your local sales office here.

Need technical support?

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