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Where do I download NIOX® software and why do I need it?

This quick guide to NIOX® software will walk you through what’s available to enhance your NIOX VERO® experience. You’ll also find some handy tips on getting the best from your device.

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What software do I need to run the NIOX VERO®?
You don’t need any! However, NIOX® Panel is provided with the purchase of a device to give users the option to display the NIOX VERO® screen simultaneously on a computer monitor. There’s also NIOX® Apps, which can help manage your patients’ FeNO test results.

What are NIOX® Apps?
NIOX® Apps is an optional suite of apps available as one simple download for PC, offering additional features designed to make your life easier:

An image of the NIOX® Patient app on a PC

NIOX® Patient
NIOX VERO® is unique and so is every patient. This app can create and display an overview of a patient’s FeNO test history so users can track how they’re doing over time. It’s a quick and easy way to see a timeline of data and can prove invaluable in guiding therapy decisions. The recorded data can also illustrate patient trends for a selected group or the entire database of patients.

An image of the NIOX® Database  app on a PC

NIOX® Database
Your NIOX VERO® can store FeNO test results for each patient in a database set up for your practice or location*. After installing NIOX® Apps, the default database will be located on the installed computer’s local drive.

An image of the NIOX® Admin app on a PC

NIOX® Admin
NIOX® Admin lets the administrator define NIOX® users, carry out the administration of the patient database, export data and customise FeNO test reports.

An image of the NIOX® Panel app on a PC

NIOX® Panel
NIOX® Panel is an optional software accessory allowing for an additional external display. Designed to be installed on a PC, NIOX® Panel seamlessly connects your NIOX VERO® to your external display via USB or Bluetooth.

An image of the NIOX® QC** app on a PC

The NIOX® QC (Quality Control) application enables you to view QC users, QC measurements and devices with measurements stored in the database. You can also create a report of a QC user or a device.

Why do I need NIOX® Panel?
It’s optional because the NIOX VERO® screen can already display all the information you need. But it’s great to have – NIOX® Panel can show the three animations designed to guide patients through the exhalation process. It also means the NIOX VERO® can be operated remotely using a Windows computer.

In case you ever need to troubleshoot, NIOX® Panel keeps a handy service log that the Technical Support team can request. Measurements, QC and alert data are pulled from the device into an XML format that can easily be emailed to Technical Support for analysis. No patient data is stored in the service log.

Supporting data transfer
Installing NIOX® Panel allows the user to set up automatic, cloud-based support data transfer so you can receive more efficient and easier customer support. You’ll be prompted to enter contact details and to opt in. Microsoft Azure secure cloud service will automatically transmit technical data from the device to NIOX®. Technical data may include time stamps, alert codes, temperature, humidity, battery condition and the number of measurements left on the device, sensor, and scrubber. This helps us provide better service and support. Once again, it goes without saying that no patient data is collected by NIOX® or distributors. Read more about our privacy practices here.

Updating NIOX VERO® firmware
NIOX® Panel is also a great way to access firmware updates for your NIOX VERO®. The latest supported firmware is always included in the NIOX® Panel software so it can update any device running an older version. If a device is eligible for an update, NIOX® Panel will prompt the user that the update is available when the software is launched.

Please note that to be updated, the device must be powered by the supplied power adaptor and connected via the USB cable to the computer running NIOX® Panel.

How much does NIOX® Panel and Apps cost?
There’s no charge to anyone with a NIOX VERO®. Get in touch if you’d like to know more!

Where do I download the NIOX® software?
We believe in keeping it simple. You can download the NIOX® software from where the latest version is always available.

How do I update the NIOX® Panel & Apps software?
The latest version of the software will always be available from

Learn more
Click here for more information on NIOX® Panel and Apps and here for full installation and update instructions.

* PLEASE NOTE - This will enable patient data to be stored in the chosen location (local database or SQL server), so please refer to your local privacy policy on patient confidentiality and data storage before any installation.
** This is a mandatory function for US users and optional in other territories.

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