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Nasal Nitric Oxide

Say hello to nNO

NIOX® performing an nNO test

What is nNO?

nNO stands for nasal nitric oxide and is naturally produced in high quantities in the nasal cavity. Levels of nNO can be drastically reduced in some conditions, such as PCD (primary ciliary dyskinesia), therefore testing nNO can be a helpful tool to assist with diagnosis.

Why use NIOX® for nNO?

Did you know that the device of choice for FeNO testing NIOX VERO® can also be used for nNO testing?

With NIOX VERO®, testing nasal nitric oxide is simple. As the only portable device that can measure nNO, NIOX offers an all-in-one experience for your practice.

How does it work?

With two testing methods, tidal breathing or expiration against resistance, patients over the age of 5 can simply measure nNO using NIOX VERO®.

The device gently samples air from the patient's nasal cavity, making measuring nNO comfortable for most patients.

The NIOX® Panel app allows you to track nNO levels in real time.

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Nasal Nitric Oxide testing with NIOX VERO® is only available in the following countries and regions: Australia, Brazil, European Union, Israel, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Kosovo, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, South Korea, Thailand, Turkey, United Kingdom, Ukraine.

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