Important Safety Information | NIOX VERO® User Manual (PDF)

For US Healthcare Professionals Only


Will an unsuccessful measurement be counted by the sensor?

The NIOX VERO® is designed to produce an accurate result each time, every time, throughout the life of the sensor. An unsuccessful exhalation will not be counted as a measurement. The device display will show alert codes A10 to A13 if the test has been interrupted and the patient should be asked to repeat the process.

Alert codes on unsuccessful exhalation

An image displaying the A10 alert code

A10 Exhalation too strong
Press Return and repeat the exhalation with less force.

An image displaying the A11 alert code

A11 Exhalation too weak
Press Return and repeat the exhalation with greater force.

An image displaying the A12 alert code

A12 Measurement failed
No exhalation was detected after initial inhalation or the user failed to exhale within 15 seconds of inhaling. Press Return and repeat the procedure, exhaling directly after inhalation.

An image displaying the A13 alert code

A13 Analysis interrupted
Either inhalation or exhalation was detected during the processing of the measurement. Please ensure users do not inhale or exhale through the breathing handle once their test is complete, to allow the device to perform the analysis. Repeat the procedure.

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