Important Safety Information | NIOX VERO® User Manual (PDF)

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When/why should I change the breathing handle on the NIOX VERO®?

The accuracy of NIOX VERO® is maintained through unique technology that eliminates the impact of ambient nitric oxide (NO), irrespective of the surroundings and environment. It does this using a scrubber that removes NO from the ambient air as it passes through the handle.

The breathing handle will last for 1,000 measurements or one year of usage, whichever occurs first. Over time and with use, the air filtration medium in the scrubber will become depleted and lose the ability to remove ambient NO. This will impact the accuracy of your measurements so it is important to change the breathing handle when it has expired. The breathing handle should never be used for testing patients after it has expired.

Your NIOX VERO® will let you know via alert code A82 on the display when the breathing handle is about to expire or the expiration date has passed. Alerts will be shown when the breathing handle has less than 10% of its capacity left or two weeks before the expiration date.

The NIOX VERO® can tell you the status of your breathing handle via the breathing handle view on the display. The breathing handle status icon will blink when it’s time to get ready to replace the handle. The breathing handle view is also used for resetting usage parameters.

Disposal of the breathing handle
NIOX VERO® and the NO scrubber in the breathing handle contain potassium permanganate. Used or expired breathing handles should be disposed of as hazardous waste in accordance with local regulations.

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