Important Safety Information | NIOX VERO® User Manual (PDF)

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How do I view the measurement log on my NIOX VERO®?

All of your NIOX VERO® measurements are stored within the device so you can track patient progress with patient ID to see results over time. All measurements, including those taken without a patient ID, can be viewed at any time from your device screen. You are also able to view measurements even when the device has expired or measurement capacity has been reached.

Please note the device is not protected by password or PIN. Anyone in possession of the NIOX VERO® will be able to view patient data saved on the device so users should ensure they are compliant with local data protection laws. Local regulations on patient information privacy must also be considered when using unique patient identifiers.

Viewing your measurement log

  1. Select Settings from the main menu An icon of the settings button which is a cog in a box on the NIOX VERO®
  2. Select Patient Measurements Log view An icon of the Patient Measurement Log button which is a top half cutout of a person on the NIOX VERO®
  3. The selected log will be displayed as below:
    An image of the measurement log menu being displayed on the NIOX VERO®
  4. Browse through the measurement log using the forward and backward buttons
  5. Select Return An icon of the back button which is an arrow pointing left in a box on the NIOX VERO® to go back to Settings

Exporting measurements
Users can export service data from the device. This information contains all measurement sequence numbers, ppb values and mode, as well as other metrics. It will not include patient names or other ID. The file format for service data is .xml (which can be exported to Excel). Technical Support may request service data in the event that you submit a query about using your device.

You can also manage measurements using the NIOX® Patient app.

Need technical support?

Our dedicated support team is here to help answer any questions about your NIOX VERO® products and services.