Important Safety Information | NIOX VERO® User Manual (PDF)

For US Healthcare Professionals Only


How long can I use the NIOX VERO®?

The accuracy of NIOX VERO® is maintained by unique technology that eliminates the impact of environmental nitric oxide (NO) wherever you are. To ensure every device performs at its best throughout its lifetime, each lasts for 15,000 measurements or five years from first use, whichever comes first.

Your NIOX VERO® will let you know when it has fewer than 500 measurements left or there are under 120 days until expiry by displaying alert code A80, A90 when all the measurements on the device have been used and A92 when the device expires. Simply order a replacement device by contacting your local sales representative and press OK to acknowledge the alert.

Need technical support?

Our dedicated support team is here to help answer any questions about your NIOX VERO® products and services.