Important Safety Information | NIOX VERO® User Manual (PDF)

For US Healthcare Professionals Only


How do I charge my NIOX VERO® battery?

NIOX VERO® is designed with the user in mind and has a rechargeable battery. Your device is supplied with a power adaptor and a USB cable. Either can be used to charge the battery but please note, the device must be switched off to charge the battery via the USB cable.

Only use the power cord, USB cable and rechargeable batteries supplied by NIOX® for your NIOX VERO® (battery type BJ-G510039AA).
The battery will only charge via USB cable while the device is switched off.

Battery capacity

  • 30 measurements per day or 36 hours on stand-by in a 25⁰C environment
  • Charging time is up to eight hours under normal conditions
  • The battery will last for at least one year with normal use
  • Lowered capacity or if the battery is not charging within eight hours indicate that the battery should be replaced. Please contact your local sales office to order a new battery

NIOX VERO® batteries are recyclable. Please refer to your local recycling programme.

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