Important Safety Information | NIOX VERO® User Manual (PDF)

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How do I replace the NIOX VERO® sensor?

To ensure your NIOX VERO® always provide accurate and reliable results, the sensor should be replaced 12 months after installation or when the expiration date on the sensor has passed. Each sensor comes with a pre-determined number of measurements – choose from 100, 300 and 500 – and will need to be replaced when they have all been used.

The NIOX VERO® will let you know when it’s time to replace the sensor. You will see an alert code on the device screen. Code A81 indicates less than 10% of the measurements remain, A91 that all the measurements have been used and A93 lets you know when the sensor has expired. The alerts will prevent any further measurements being performed until a new sensor has been fitted in the device. You can order replacements quickly and easily via your local contact. Click here to find your nearest representative.

Replacing the sensor is simple. Please follow the steps below. You can also watch the video demonstration below:

Never attempt to replace the sensor while the device is switched on.

  1. Turn off your NIOX VERO®.
  2. Using a screwdriver, open the compartment on the back of the device.
  3. Turn the orange swivel counter/anticlockwise to release the sensor.
  4. Remove the expired sensor.
  5. Ensure the inside of the compartment is free of any other material or dust.
  6. Insert a new sensor (please be careful when opening the sensor packaging can: the inside of the opening may have sharp edges). Please do not touch, mark or clean the white sensor membrane.
  7. Note: The sensor should fit into the device with minimum effort. Do not apply excessive force in order to fit the sensor into the device. If you experience resistance inserting the sensor into the device, remove the sensor. Place your index finger into the round portion of the sensor housing. There is a black rubber seal in the sensor housing. Using one finger, push the seal inward for one revolution of the circular compartment. After performing this manoeuvre, try to fit the sensor. Repeat this manoeuvre until the sensor can be inserted into the device with minimal effort. A poorly fitted sensor in the device can trigger alert codes.
  8. With the sensor in place, turn the orange swivel fully clockwise to lock.
  9. Replace the compartment lid.
  10. Using a screwdriver, gently fasten the compartment lid on the back of the device.

After replacing the sensor, it is recommended to wait for three hours with the device switched on before performing a measurement.

Disposal of expired sensors
Used or expired sensors should be recycled according to local facilities for electronic equipment.

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