Important Safety Information | NIOX VERO® User Manual (PDF)

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How do I test ambient nitric oxide (NO)?

Performing a FeNO test with the NIOX VERO® is straightforward. The device is also able to check the nitric oxide (NO) levels in the ambient air to ensure accurate results. An ambient measurement is counted as one measurement on the device and the sensor.

The NIOX VERO® can tell you the status of your breathing handle via the breathing handle view on the display. The breathing handle status icon will blink when it’s time to get ready to replace the handle. The breathing handle view is also used for resetting usage parameters.

  1. Attach a patient filter to the breathing handle until it clicks into place.
  2. Select the Settings button on the main menu. An image of the settings icon on the NIOX VERO® with a cog in the middle
  3. Select Ambient Measurement. An image of the ambient measurement icon on the NIOX VERO® with 2 overlapped circles in the middle
  4. Select Start Measurement. An image of the start icon on the NIOX VERO® with a green traingle in the middle
  5. You’ll see the progress bar until the measurement is complete and the result is displayed as: Ambient measurement value (in ppb), measurement mode and measurement sequence number.

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