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Accurate. Reliable. Straightforward.

NIOX VERO® is designed to make FeNO testing as simple as inhaling and exhaling. Help diagnose patients, optimise treatment, reduce exacerbations, uncover non-adherence to Inhaled Corticosteroids (ICS), all in one breath.1

NIOX VERO® is the world leader in FeNO testing

More than 25 years of innovation


NIOX® invented

The first ever commercial FeNO device



First point-of-care FeNO test



Introducing the breathing handle


Nasal Nitric Oxide testing

Nasal Nitric
Oxide testing

NIOX VERO® is more than a FeNO device


25 years of NIOX® technology

Discover the full FeNO story here


50 million tests worldwide

A true milestone for asthma patients

Behind the world’s most used FeNO guidelines

FeNO levels are interpreted worldwide with cut-off points from ATS guidelines. Those cut-off points were derived from studies where 83% of patients used NIOX® technology to measure their FeNO levels.2,3

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The device of choice

NIOX® is trusted by clinical researchers across the globe and has participated in thousands of trials, including pivotal studies for asthma biologics.4

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Proven accuracy and reliability

Breath-taking technology

The NIOX VERO® has excellent repeatability and reproducibility, enabling a successful measurement in a single test.5 The device is packed with unique technology to guarantee an accurate result each time, every time.

NIOX® is the only device in Europe and the United States that is fully compliant with ERS and ATS recommendations for the standardisation of measuring FeNO.6

An image of the NIOX VERO® breathing handle

Easy and straightforward

Designed with the user in mind, NIOX VERO® has everything you need to test FeNO and more, in three simple steps:

Patient ID

Never lose track of your patients’ progress with the built-in identification feature.

Breathing Handle

With our unique breathing handle, taking a test is as simple as inhaling and exhaling.

Engaging Animations

Make taking a FeNO measurement simple for patients with our user-friendly animations.

Peace of mind

NIOX VERO® is designed to filter out pathogens, including COVID-19, and utilises filters with exceptionally high filtration efficiencies.7

We are proud that no coughing event has ever been reported, adding to the evidence supporting the consideration that FeNO testing is not considered an aerosol-generating procedure.8


Bacterial filtration efficiency


Viral filtration efficiency

NIOX® in the real world

Helping save lives every day

Asthma causes the loss of 1,000 lives every single day, with the consequences felt throughout the world.9 We can do better, together.

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NIOX VERO® is helping improve patient outcomes in over 50 countries, with its market-leading FeNO testing technology.

Learn more about FeNO testing and how it can help your patients.

NIOX® makes the difference

In an 8,000-patient study, NIOX® helped show that the true level of inflammation in over 50% of participants had been incorrectly assessed using standard methods. As a result, physicians were able to optimise treatment for 30% of the patients.10

A systematic review published in 2020 included almost 400 patients, of which 90% used NIOX® to test their FeNO levels. The authors showed that FeNO testing can help safely step down ICS dosage.11

Treatment compliance is key to ensuring good patient outcomes. NIOX VERO® was recently used in a study of 200 patients to identify non-adherence to ICS12.

Years of trust

NIOX® devices have been used for many years for FeNO-guided asthma management. In 2013 and 2014, studies using NIOX® devices showed up to a 50% reduction in exacerbations in both adults and children.13,14

More recently in 2018, NIOX® technology helped show that FeNO is a strong predictor of exacerbations, as FeNO levels ≥25 ppb are associated with 2.5x more exacerbations.15

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Up to 50% fewer


with FeNO-guided asthma management for both adults and children

Good for patients, good for budgets

NIOX® devices have been extensively used to show that FeNO testing is a cost-effective way to improve patient outcomes.

Adding FeNO to the treatment algorithm can considerably reduce costs and improve quality of life when used in combination with current treatment guidelines.

Thousands of healthcare professionals around the world are enjoying the economic and clinical benefits of NIOX VERO®.

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Read our comprehensive review of health economics data about FeNO testing

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ICS: Inhaled Corticosteroids