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The device of choice1

Thousands of healthcare professionals are using NIOX VERO® every day to improve patient outcomes.

With over 50 million tests completed worldwide, NIOX® is dedicated to transforming asthma care.

Discover why NIOX VERO® is the ultimate FeNO solution.

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All that in 2 minutes!

From inhaling to analysis, you only need one test to reveal an accurate and reliable FeNO result for your patients, at the point-of-care.

Set up for success

Once you start testing with NIOX VERO®, you never have to stop. The device does not need any servicing, maintenance or calibration. Ever.

Our sensors are individually calibrated and tested against nitric oxide reference gas for guaranteed accuracy.

All NIOX® devices and consumables have been tested and validated in accelerated aging studies and real-time stability data, demonstrating that NIOX® products are robust, reliable and accurate over their lifetime.

An image of the NIOX VERO® sensor

There's more to NIOX®

With NIOX® Apps, our unique software applications, you can sync your NIOX® data into an easy-to-use management system.

Create patient reports, track their progress and share data with your own database.

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Get started with NIOX VERO®

Join the thousands of healthcare professionals who have already performed over 50 million FeNO tests with NIOX®, and improve patient outcomes.

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