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Measuring FeNO

Follow this guide on how to perform a FeNO test using NIOX VERO®, the device of choice for FeNO testing:1

1. Switch on your FeNO analyser.

2. Attach a new mouth filter to the breathing handle for each patient.

3. Ask the patient to fully empty their lungs.

4. The patient inhales through the breathing handle for three seconds.

5. The patient then exhales through the breathing handle for 10 seconds at a steady flow rate. A 6-second mode is available for children aged 4-10 who are unable to perform the 10-second test. The device will help the patient to maintain a steady flow using animation and sound.

6. Once the test is complete, the device will analyse the breath sample.

7. The FeNO result will be displayed in approximately one minute.

The NIOX VERO® FeNO testing device displaying a FeNO test result of 50ppb


Learn more about the gold standard FeNO testing device.2

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