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The device of choice for clinical research1

NIOX® is trusted by sponsors, CROs and researchers across the globe and has been used in over 6,000 studies, including pivotal clinical trials for new asthma biologics.1

A NIOX VERO® FeNO testing device

NIOX®, the world leader in FeNO

As the pioneers of commercial FeNO testing, NIOX® Technology is trusted wordwide1,2 supporting FeNO testing in clinical trials through thought-leadership, insights, and expertise. NIOX® is here to support you with your research. Our dedicated global teams are ready to ensure that you get the very best from NIOX®.

Dedicated support from our experts

NIOX® is the device of choice for clinical research, with over 25 years of innovation, and trusted by thousands of healthcare professionals worldwide.1,2 NIOX® Technology is classed as the gold standard for FeNO testing.1 See below to find out how we support you with your research.

Partnership Model

By choosing NIOX® you will be connected to a dedicated account manager who will be on hand for all your NIOX® needs.

Advanced technical

With NIOX® you will unlock exclusive training and technical support to assist you with your research, meaning you can not only connect your sites together, but be assured someone is here to help if you ever need advice for your devices.

Sustainability for the

Sustainability is a key factor in the heart of what we do at NIOX®. We help you get the full value out of each and every device through our reverification and anonymization services, allowing one device to be repurposed for multiple studies whilst limiting waste.

International logistical

Our global distribution network ensures door-to-door tracking. Whether you want your devices shipped directly to site or in bulk to depots, NIOX® distribution can accommodate your requirements worldwide.

Connectivity capabilities

Introducing a new way to interact with NIOX® with NIOX® Panel Apps. The connectivity options for the gold standard NIOX VERO® allow you to connect your sites globally, enhancing your FeNO for research experience.1


A doctor and patient performing a FeNO test with NIOX VERO®

FeNO – the biomarker supporting research

FeNO provides an objective measure of Type 2 airway inflammation, with its use in research including treatments targeting IL-4 and IL-13.3-6 FeNO has been used in clinical research and trials for over a decade.7-11 FeNO can help determine patient inclusion/exclusion criteria, monitor airway inflammation and medication adherence, optimize dosage, and guide biologic treatments.4,12,13

The only FeNO testing device in the USA and EU market that fully conforms to ATS/ERS standards1,8

The gold standard in FeNO testing

The NIOX VERO® is the device of choice for FeNO testing and used by thousands of healthcare professionals across the globe.1,2 The device is packed with distinctive and dependable technology to ensure that results are accurate and reliable each and every time.1,3,14-16


Get started with NIOX VERO®

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