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A NIOX VERO® FeNO testing device

The device of choice for clinical research

NIOX® is trusted by clinical researchers across the globe and has been used in thousands of trials, including pivotal studies for new asthma biologics.

An animated image of a Nitric Oxide (NO) molecule

FeNO testing made simple

FeNO stands for fractional exhaled nitric oxide (NO). NO is a molecule produced by the lungs that can be measured in exhaled breath. The discovery of NO as a signalling molecule was a real breakthrough, leading to a Nobel Prize in 1998. With NIOX VERO® taking a FeNO test is as simple as inhaling and exhaling.

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Why use FeNO for research?

FeNO is an objective measurement of Type 2 airway inflammation. FeNO testing is simple, immediate and non-invasive. This makes FeNO the biomarker of choice for airway inflammation in your next research project.

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A woman doing a FeNO test with NIOX VERO® under the supervision of another woman

Accurate. Reliable. Straightforward.

NIOX VERO® is the device of choice for FeNO testing.1 With over 20 years of innovation and 50 million tests performed worldwide, NIOX® is already used by thousands of healthcare professionals across the globe. The device is packed with unique technology to guarantee an accurate result each time, every time.

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A woman doing a FeNO test with NIOX VERO® under the supervision of another woman

Connect your sites together

Use NIOX® Panel and Apps to connect your research sites together into a shared database using our included plug-and-play Windows solution.

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This is NIOX VERO®

Learn more about the gold standard FeNO testing device.2

NIOX®, the world leader in FeNO

NIOX® is here to support you with your research projects. Our dedicated global teams are ready to ensure that you can get the very best from NIOX®.

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Personalised customer experience

With dedicated account managers, technical support and training teams, NIOX® is on hand to help you.

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Enhanced project management

We provide connectivity capabilities, software data integration, study-specific labelling, and blinded results programming.

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International logistical provisions

Our global distribution network can ship direct-to-site or in bulk to depots, with door-to-door tracking.

Get started with NIOX VERO®

Join the thousands of healthcare professionals who have already performed over 50 million FeNO tests with NIOX VERO®. Use our contact form below or get in touch with us via email:


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