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How can we help? An interview with Robin Kvisler, NIOX® Technical Operations

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"Know where to find the Support Hub and have a play around with the search box – you never know, you might find a function you didn’t realise NIOX® had!"

Welcome to the first in an occasional series letting you know more about what the folks at NIOX® can do for you. This time, we’re talking to Robin Kvisler from Technical Operations. Robin has been working on NIOX® technology for nine years as a System and Support Specialist. Here, he outlines how his team can assist and the options customers have for the very best in fast and efficient service.

What services does NIOX® Technical Operations provide?

We offer technical assistance on all NIOX® products. From hardware to software questions, we are here to help customers, our international distributors and our colleagues whenever they need it. We also work with other internal teams so they’re equipped to provide product assistance. Most recently, I trained our China-based colleagues to ensure they can deliver first-class support to their local market.

How is technical support delivered to customers?

Customers can reach us by phone and email, through remote connection or via online support on (there’s even a fax number so there’s no way you can miss us!). We respond directly or, if they prefer, we can point customers to information online – this takes the form of the Support Hub – the search engine of NIOX® – educational articles, product manuals, animations, instructional videos and downloads. We’re also happy to speak via video call. That’s a lot of options but NIOX® has a lot of users! The goal is to answer every query satisfactorily at the customer’s first try.

What are some of the most popular FAQs you receive?

Customers contact us to find out what an alert code means on the NIOX VERO® screen. You can ask us any time or, for an instant answer, consult your user manual or the convenient new online Support Hub, where all the codes and their actions are listed.

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