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Reimbursement calculator

Use our reimbursement calculator by inputting your weekly test volume to determine your annual reimbursement for implementing FeNO into your asthma care routine.

Insurance coverage reimbursement

Access and Coverage for FeNO Have Improved.3

FeNO testing patient coverage has increased to approximately 84% of all covered lives. As of March 2024, over 274 million Americans have access to FeNO testing, including those on Medicaid and Medicare.3

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Average FeNO Testing Reimbursement Rates

Average reimbursement rates for FeNO tests can vary from insurance company to insurance company and from state to state. Commercial insurance, on average, reimburses $26 per FeNO test, federally-funded insurance reimburses $20 per test, and state-Medicaid reimburses at a national average of $15 per test. Reimbursement rates and coverage can vary based on individual states.1,2

State Medicaid Plans That Have Published FeNO Testing Reimbursement Rates1

2024 Medicaid Coverage
43 states in the US (along with the District of Columbia) include CPT 95012 on their Physician Fee Schedule.

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