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FeNO Insurance Coverage & Access Information

Reimbursement calculator

Use our reimbursement calculator to see how much money you could recieve on an annual basis for implementing FeNO into your asthma care routine.

Insurance coverage:
This calculation is based off Medicare reimbursement rates which is $20 per FeNO test.

Access and Coverage for FeNO Have Improved Over the Last Three Years.1

*Calculated using 2017 insured lives; 2018 and 2019 census data not yet published.

Since 2016, the percentage of insured patients who are eligible for reimbursement for FeNO testing has risen from 57% to 79%. As of July 2019, over 234 million Americans have access to FeNO testing, including those on Medicare and Medicaid.1

State Medical Plans That Have Adopted Medically Necessary Language in Coverage for FeNO

2019 Medicaid Coverage

60+ million Medicaid lives are covered for FeNO testing in the US.4 43 States in the US include CPT 95012 on their Physician Fee Schedule, covering and reimbursing for FeNO monitoring.

Average FeNO Testing Reimbursement Rates

Average reimbursement rates for FeNO tests can vary from insurance company to insurance company and from state to state. Commercial insurance, on average, reimburses $26 per FeNO test, federally-funded insurance reimburses $21 per test, and state-funded insurance reimburses $15 per test.


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