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The American Thoracic Society now recommends FeNO testing for asthma monitoring

The American Thoracic Society (ATS) released an official clinical practice guideline on FeNO testing on November 15th. The ATS recommends FeNO-based care for asthma patients. The panel of experts suggest that FeNO is beneficial and should be used in addition to usual care over usual care alone.

Additionally, the clinical practice guideline states that FeNO-based care was cost-effective and that the use of FeNO testing could reduce the costs by identifying potential responders to a T2 biologic.

They also mention that FeNO-based care provides a simple and non-invasive point-of-care test that provides complementary information over usual care.

The experts conclude that the evidence favored the assessment of FeNO during evaluation of an individual with asthma in addition to usual care.

Learn more about FeNO testing here.

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