The National Heart, Lung & Blood Institute (NHLBI) has released updates to the Asthma Management Guidelines, which for the first time includes recommendations for FeNO*.

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* Fractional exhaled Nitric Oxide

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NIOX VERO® accurately assesses airway inflammation at the point of care.2

Reassuring reproducibility enables an accurate result to be delivered in a single test.2 Inquire about NIOX VERO via our website to get in touch with our dedicated US sales team.

NIOX VERO® by Circassia
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FeNO Testing

Accurately assess and monitor airway inflammation.2,3

While airway inflammation is a major underlying characteristic of asthma, there are few methods which directly measure this. Evaluating airway inflammation using sputum eosinophils or airway biopsy can be expensive, invasive, time-consuming, and is often not readily available. FeNO testing provides a fast and accurate method to support diagnosis and management of asthma at the point of care.

The majority of patients with asthma have Type 2/eosinophilic driven airway inflammation.4 The associated higher levels of nitric oxide (NO) in their exhaled breath can be simply measured to support optimal management of the condition.5


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