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What is nNO?*

*NIOX VERO nasal application is CE marked and approved for clinical use in the EU, Australia, and South Korea only.

Measurement of the nasal Nitric Oxide (nNO) in the aspirated air from the nasal cavity has been shown to be decreased in patients with PCD.1,2

Most nitric oxide (NO) in exhaled air originates from the upper airways, predominantly from the sinuses. In PCD, nNO values are only 10–20% of the average values in healthy control subjects.1

Measurement of nNO can assist in the identification of cases of PCD according to guidelines published by the European Respiratory Society (ERS).2

Early diagnosis is crucial to try to minimize the development of bronchiectasis and irreversible lung damage.

The NIOX VERO® nNO application enables non-invasive screening of patients with low risk, which can help to rule out non PCD cases and avoid further invasive and expensive confirmatory tests, whilst not missing true cases.

NIOX VERO is the only fully portable device for nNO measurement, and delivers the following:

  • Two options for measuring, either tidal measurement or exhalation against a resistor
  • 30 second aspiration time
  • Ease of use
  • Battery and mains powered
  • Documented clinical data for helping to differentiate patients with known PCD from healthy individuals3
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