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Introducing NIOX VERO® plus

The Future of FeNO is here

At Circassia, we believe innovation should never stop, that is why we are committed to setting new standards in FeNO testing.


The gold standard, just got better

NIOX VERO® plus, brings you the best of NIOX VERO® in a new way. With three new and improved animations, NIOX VERO® plus is designed on feedback from our customers.

Three Brand New Animations

Offering a variety of animations to provide all patients with the opportunity
to select the one that suits them best and facilitates improved efficiency
of FeNO testing in a clinic setting. 


The Balloon

The balloon animation offers an intuitive aide to delivering the steady flow needed for a successful FeNO test. The balloon expands and deflates depending on the flow rate. When the breathing flow is maintained at the correct rate the balloon turns green and fills the shape of the outline.  


The Gauge

This visual aid allows patients to easily complete a FeNO test. When the test commences, the needle starts to move from left to right along the gauge allowing the patient to fine-tune the flow rate to remain within the green zone. When the breathing flow is maintained at the correct rate the needle will remain almost static within the green zone. 


The Feather

The feather animation allows the patient to control their breathing rate by maintaining the feather within the box.  Breathing into the device moves the feather up and down depending on the flow rate.  When the breathing flow is maintained at the correct rate the feather will turn green and remain inside the target box.

Watch the Unveil Video

Find out more about NIOX VERO® plus features, design and functionality in this video:

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