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Panel and Apps for NIOX


An optional software accessory allowing for an additional external display

Designed to be installed on a Windows PC or a tablet allowing an additional external display. NIOX Panel can be used for a connection between NIOX VERO and a PC/Tablet via USB cable or Bluetooth.

In addition, NIOX Panel includes the following features:

  • A choice of 3 different animations
  • The device can be remotely operated from the PC/tablet
  • A service log can be downloaded in case of troubleshooting done by Customer Support
  • Automatic cloud-based transfer of support data
Physician using NIOX Panel & Apps with female patient

You will be prompted to enter contact details for this automatic transfer. Microsoft Azure secure cloud service will automatically transmit technical data from the device via Internet to Circassia and distributors.

Technical data may include time stamps, alert codes, temperature, humidity, battery condition, and number of remaining measurements on the device, sensor, and scrubber, all to provide better service and support. No patient data is collected by Circassia or distributor.

NIOX Panel is always the carrier for device Firmware updates.

NIOX Panel is free of charge for everyone having a NIOX device. Contact Us for more information.


A range of software applications provided as one download for additional features

NIOX Apps is a range of software applications provided as one download for installation on a Windows PC or tablet. Can be used for a connection between NIOX VERO and a PC/Tablet via USB cable or Bluetooth.

  • NIOX Patient is used for creating an overview of measurements for individual patients and is normally used by the nurse and physician
  • NIOX Database is normally only used once at the time of installation to define the location of the database. The database allows measurements pertaining to a specific patient to be centrally collected even if they are performed on several different instruments. The database can also accommodate external QC measurements
  • NIOX Admin is designed to be used by the administrator for defining NIOX users, physicians, administration of database, and customization of reports

Downloadable Resources for NIOX

The NIOX Software Download Centre will give you access to download NIOX Apps. To gain access to the Software Download Centre, please complete the following 3 quick steps.

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For a Microsoft Live ID using the email address you want to register for access to the Download Centre

2. Register

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3. Log in
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