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Value-added services provided by Circassia Ltd to help implement FeNO testing within your organisation

As the only suppliers of FeNO equipment and consumables with a full-time NIOX-dedicated field team, you can be confident that Circassia is on hand to support you with the implementation of NICE guideline NG80 and enhance your care for patients with asthma.

Circassia has a full-time NIOX-dedicated team to support the implementation of NICE guideline NG801, enabling you to adopt the guidelines as quickly as possible and enhance asthma management within your practice.

Our full-time NIOX-dedicated team consists of Key Account Managers, Market Access Executives, Medical Affairs, Training, and Technical Operations and Support.

Key Account Managers and Market Access Executives

Offering NIOX-dedicated in-field support to primary and secondary care customers. Services include:

  • Bespoke budget impact modelling for the practice and/or NHS organisation
  • Sharing ‘Best Practice’ examples of NHS organisations who have successfully implemented FeNO testing within their respiratory services
  • Complementary device installation and user training
  • In-field support and training for the use of NIOX apps and patient management systems
  • Experience NIOX programme to enable short-term evaluation
  • Uninterrupted FeNO by NIOX patient service through the provision of loan devices if necessary

Medical Affairs

Our Medical Affairs team provides education on the applications of FeNO testing to aid in asthma diagnosis and management, working with National and International Thought Leaders to share the most up-to-date clinical evidence.

Training & Education

Ensuring continual training delivery to the NIOX-dedicated field team on asthma guidelines, key clinical studies regarding FeNO as a biomarker, and all clinical and technical aspects of NIOX VERO including NIOX Apps

Technical Operations & Technical Support

The Technical Operations team is always ready to assist via phone or email for any support queries. Our goal is to minimize any downtime and ensure customers are up and running as quickly as possible.

E-mail queries are handled within one working day. If needed, the team are happy to assist by calling the customer back at an agreed time and date.

If there is a need for training, Technical Operations can also support with end-user training which is tailored to the users need; whether that is on a specific application, in-depth technical or just regular user handling.


With NIOX connectivity, you can access additional features by installing NIOX Apps to Windows operated local stand-alone PC or Tablet. This range of software applications provides the ability to create patient records and reports in a database.

Learn more about how NIOX VERO supported the gold-standard, vertically integrated MISSION ABC project Gain additional features with NIOX Panel & Apps Experience the impact with NIOX VERO

Reference: 1. NICE guideline [NG80]: Asthma: diagnosis, monitoring and chronic asthma management. Published November 2017: