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Accurately assess airway inflammation at the point-of-care, with NIOX VERO®.

What is FeNO?

FeNO stands for fractional exhaled nitric oxide and reflects the amount of nitric oxide produced by the lungs. FeNO testing is used to assess levels of inflammation in the airways, right at the point-of-care. Most national and international guidelines recommend FeNO testing to improve asthma outcomes.1-6

The most convenient biomarker

The science behind FeNO

Type 2 airway inflammation is present in up to 84% of asthma patients.7 In those patients, interleukins IL-4 and IL-13 upregulate the activity of the iNOS (inducible Nitric Oxide Synthase) enzyme, which produces NO in the airways.8 Levels of exhaled NO are increased and can be accurately measured with FeNO testing. Inhaled corticosteroids suppress a wide range of inflammatory pathways and reduce FeNO levels.9

Instantly transform your asthma care

FeNO testing can give you more confidence in diagnosing and managing asthma. An asthma diagnosis is 7x more likely with a high FeNO level.10 Patients with high FeNO also have up to 3.2x greater risk of exacerbation.11 Using FeNO testing to guide asthma management can help reduce exacerbations by up to 50% through optimising therapy and uncovering non-adherence.12 In addition, FeNO testing can be used as a educational tool as patients visualise what is happening in their lungs, encouraging them to take their treatment as prescribed.

Introducing NIOX VERO®

NIOX VERO® is accurate, reliable and straightforward. Help diagnose patients, optimise treatment, reduce exacerbations, uncover non-adherence, all in one breath.

Inhale. Exhale.

With NIOX VERO®, testing FeNO is as simple as inhaling and exhaling. Our unique breathing handle ensures your results are accurate.

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Never-ending performance

Our pre-calibrated sensors just work, from the first test to the last test. Whenever you need a new sensor, simply replace in one click and resume testing.

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One test, one result

NIOX® protects your patients from failing a test. Flow Rate Control™ guides your patients to a successful test, leading to an accurate result each time, every time.

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Not forgetting:

Nasal Nitric Oxide

Say hello to nNO

NIOX VERO® can also perform Nasal Nitric Oxide measurements for supporting the diagnosis of Primary Ciliary Dyskinesia.

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