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FeNO and improving asthma outcomes
NICE Guidance
FeNO in Clinical Practice
   Why incorporate FeNO into routine clinical practice? 
 Mike Thomas, Professor of Primary Care Research 
   Managing asthma in children using FeNO: Two case  studies. 
 Will Carroll. Honorary Associate Professor. Consultant  Pediatrician
   How can we take away the guesswork for treatment  of complex asthma and chronic cough? 
 D. Robin Taylor, Professor of Respiratory Medicine
   Are inhaled steroids always the right treatment in asthma  and asthma- COPD overlap syndrome? 
 D. Robin Taylor, Professor of Respiratory Medicine


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FeNO   Fractional Exhaled Nitric Oxide
ICS   Inhaled Corticosteroids
COPD   Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease
CCG   Clinical Commissioning Group


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Important Information Regarding NIOX®  

NIOX is a range of  hand-held devices for measuring FeNO by trained healthcare professionals.  NIOX is suitable for children and adults.  Consult User Manual for age restrictions in children.  FeNO measurements provide the physician with means of evaluating asthma patients’ response to anti-inflammatory therapy, as an adjunct to the established clinical and laboratory assessments in asthma.  Not all patients with asthma will have an elevated FeNO level.  FeNO levels should be interpreted in the clinical context.

NIOX VERO® - for assessment and management of airway inflammation