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NIOX VERO with 55 ppb measurement

Routine FeNO Monitoring to aid in treatment optimization

Only NIOX VERO gives you an objective and accurate measurement of airway inflammation.1

  • Establish the patient's baseline and personal best FeNO level2,3
  • Assess adherence to ICS treatment4,5
  • Optimize the use of ICS and adjust accordingly4,6
  • Aids in diagnosis and helps to identify patients who may benefit from biologics7
  • To date, over 20 million tests have been performed using a NIOX device8

An accurate FeNO result in a single measurement with results in approximately

1 minute

NIOX-Guided Treatment Significantly Reduced Exacerbation Rates4,9

In Children

50% reduction chart

*An exacerbation was defined as an episode of progressive increased shortness of breath, coughing, wheezing, or chest tightness, or a combination of these symptoms.9

In Adults

46% reduction chart

Moderate exacerbations were defined as deterioration in symptoms with the need to step up controller treatment for at least 2 days, with or without a concomitant clinic visit or contact. Severe exacerbations were defined as worsening in asthma that necessitated a course of oral corticosteroids.4

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